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We build a better future

New building Costa Blanca.

We are an exclusive promoter group, focused on maximizing opportunities for our brands and providing the best quality to our clients.


Our values

GPC Group was founded with the sole mission of building properties of lasting value and potential.

Innovation - Driven Solutions

Over the years, we have become a leading developer group as our team of creative professionals carefully evaluates each project to meet financial and time constraints.

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Unique and inspiring
spaces for unique

Comfort, light, views, landscapes, warmth, water, relaxation… GPC Group creates magical and comfortable homes that fulfil our innate desire to connect with our most natural self. Intuitive homes that give us all the time we need, where there’s space for everything except anxiety.

Next Generation Technologies

Equipped with the latest technological advances, while tremendously human. Houses with soul, where life pulsates.

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Recent News


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